Mission Statement 
To produce high quality entrepreneurs & market leaders for national & international market.
• Research-intensive and industry oriented Masters programs that has resulted in large number of publications.• Project-intensive Bachelors programs that include projects in each course as well as individual industry based Final Year Projects.• Innovative Bachelors programs curricula that includes latest tools and technologies and has increased the market acceptability of our graduates enormously.• Rigorously monitored Bachelors programs to ensure the continuous quality improvement of our programs.
Program offered at CoCIS 

Bachelor and Master Programs in Computer Science [BSCSMCS] are designed for the breath wise coverage of all the fields related to computer science. This enables the graduates to fulfill job market requirements in the national and international IT industry. There are numerous career opportunities such as software engineer, web & mobile application developer, system analyst, system & network administrator, database developer & administrator.

Bachelor, Post Graduated Diploma and Master programs in Enterprise Resource Planning [BS ERPPGD ERPMSc ERP] are designed to integrate the area of computer sciences, Management Sciences and the next generation management information system [MIS] also known as Enterprise of Resource Planning. Students acquire the right blend of managerial skills coupled with the hands on experience of implementing and managing world leading ERPs in areas such as finance, manufacturing & Production, sales & marketing, human resource etc.

Graduate programs in Computer Science and Software Engineering [MSCSMSSE,PhD CS] enable the students to do industry oriented research. Rigorous course work and thesis are part of the programs. Research oriented faculty having high impact factor publications supervise the courses and research. It is also ensured that the skills required at the senior position in software industry are also inculcated through the course work.

International Collaborations 
•      University of Bordeaux 1.
•      University of ltisresu Paris 1.
•      Computer & Communications Security Laboratory, Korea University, South Korea.
•      Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory, Kyung Hee University, South Korea.
CoCIS Research Groups 
•      Software Engineering & Future Generation Computing
•      Data Mining & Visual Analytics
•      Smart Networks