Masters in Computer Science (MCS)

MCS program provides the necessary foundation and specialization in Software Engineering and Telecom & Networks. Graduates of MCS program are now successful in the industry as IT managers, networks/systems administrators, analysts and software engineers. This is a conversion program designed for students having no Computer Science background. Graduates of MCS program are also eligible to pursue the higher-level MS and PhD degree programs.
Specializations: l Software Engineering l Telecommunication & Networks.

Year 1

ERP102 ERP Business Process Management & Re-engineering 3+0
SE201 Object Oriented Programming 3+0
NW301 Data Communications & Networks 3+0
ACT303 Financial Accounting 3+0
COM103 Functional English 3+0
QT104 Mathematics 3+0
CS201 Database Management Systems 3+0
CS202 Operating Systems 3+0
CS105 Data Structures & Algorithms 3+0
SE405 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 3+0
NW305 Routing & Switching Techniques 3+0

Year 2

IS404 Information System Audit & Control 3+0
NW401 Cryptography 3+0
SE417 Software Engineering & Project Management   
NW302 Network Programming 3+0
SE309 Data Warehousing 3+0
CS402 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 3+0
SE410 Design & Patterns 3+0
ELE Elective 1 3+0
ELE Elective-2 3+0
ELE Elective-3 3+0
ELE Elective-4 3+0
IPT414 Final Project 6+0

Curriculum Structure

AreaCr HrAreaCr Hr
Computer Science 18 Networks 9
Software Engineering 15 Social Sciences 3
Quantitative 3 Elective 12
Accounting 3 Project 6
Info. Systems / ERP 3    

Degree Structure

Durations 2 Years
Courses 22
Projects 2
Credit Hours 66 + 6
Eligibility Bachelors 50% minimum

Location: City Campus Comprehensive exam is a mandatory requirement. Student must clear this exam to become eligible for the degree. The curriculum structure, duration and scheduling of each degree program are subject to change without notice.

Incase HEC rules that the minimum credit requirements of a Masters degree after two years bachelors is 90 credit hours then 6 additional courses equivalent 18 credit hours are to be taken by the students for the completion of the degree.