Specialization Courses Detail

Software Engineering

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
SE201 Object Oriented Programming 4 CS100
SE210 Principles of Component Programming 3 SE201
SE205 Business Application Analysis & Design 3 CS201
SE301 Business Software Development 3 SE205
SE302 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 3 SE201
SE303 Web Applications Development 3 SE201
SE306 Advance Java Programming 3 CS102
SE304 Visual Programming 3 SE201
SE309 Data Warehouse & Data Mining 3 CS201
SE402 Software Engineering 3 SE302
SE403 Human Computer Interfaces 3 CS402
SE405 Software Project Management 3 SE402
SE406 Multi-tier Programming 3 SE304
SE407 Advanced Computer Graphics 3 CS413
SE408 Systems Programming 3 SE201
SE410 Design & Patterns 3 NW302
SE417 Software Engineering and Project Management 3 SE302
SE450 Software Design & Production Methodologies 3 SE402
SE451 Pattern Recognition & Applications 3 CS402
SE501 Software Architecture & Design 3 SE402
SE502 Software Quality Assurance 3 SE402
SE504 Object Oriented Software Engineering 3 SE402
SE505 Programming Methodologies & Paradigms 3 SE402
SE507 Multimedia Systems 3 SE402
SE555 System Maintainability & Maintenance 3 SE402

Networking & Telecommunications

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
NW301 Data Communication & Networks 4 CS202
NW302 Network Programming 3 NW301
NW304 Network Administration 3 CS202
NW305 Routing & Switching 4 NW301
NW306 High Speed Networks 3 NW301
NW307 Electronic Communication System 3 CE101
NW308 Wireless Communication 3 NW301
NW401 Cryptography 3 NW301
NW408 Advanced Data Communication & Networks 3 NW301
NW409 Network & Telecom Management 3 NW301
NW410 Network Protocols 3 NW301
NW416 Network Design & Implementation  3 NW301
NW422 Seminar in Networking 3 NW301
NW423 Multi-Service Networks 3 NW301
NW430 Advanced Routing Techniques 3 NW305
NW501 Network Security 3 NW401
NW502 Mobile Communication 3 NW301
NW503 Digital Switches and Exchanges 3 NW307
NW509 Enhanced Wireless Networks 3 NW306
NW510 Internetworking Architecture & Implementation 3 NW306
NW530 Voice Over IP 3 NW306
NW540 Optical Communication Systems 3 NW306
NW550 Telecommunication Architecture & Services 3 NW409

Enterprise Resource Planning

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
ERP101 Introduction to MIS & ERP 3 None
ERP102 ERP Business Process Management & Reengineering 3 None
ERP201 ERP Implementation Methodologies 3 ACT201
ERP202 ERP Communication & Computing Infrastructure 3 ERP101
ERP301 ERP Implementation Consultancy 3 ERP201
ERP302 ERP Financial Management 3 ERP201
ERP303 ERP Customer Relationship Management 3 ERP201
ERP306 Advance Financial Controls 3 ERP201
ERP305 ERP Supply Chain Management 3 ERP201
ERP315 ERP System Administration 3 ERP201
ERP412 ERP Production Systems 3 ERP201
ERP414 ERP Material Management 3 ERP201
ERP415 ERP Business Intelligence 3 ERP201
ERP417 ERP Sale & Distribution Management 3  
ERP Security ERP Systems 3  
ERP Auditing ERP Systems 3  
ERP ERP Mobile Application 3  
ERP ERP Portal Management 3  

Computer Science

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
CS100 Programming & Logic Building 4 None
CS110 Computer Programming 4 None
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science 3 None
CS102 Data Structures 4 SE201
CS201 Database Management Systems 4 CS202
CS202 Operating Systems 4 CS101
CS203 Automata Theory 3 QT106
CS302 Distributed Databases 3 CS201
CS400 Design & Analysis of Algorithm  3 CS401
CS401 Compiler Construction 3 CS203
CS402 Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems 3 SE302
CS405 Neural Networks  3 CS402
CS411 Operation Research 3 QT403
CS413 Computer Graphics 3 CS102
CS502 Advanced Database Mgmt Systems  3 CS302
CS508 Distributed Systems  3 CS202
CS509 Natural Language Processing  3 CS402
CS514 Parallel Computing 3 CS302
CS516 Simulation & Modeling Theory 3 QT403
CS531 Interactive Computer Graphics  3 CS413

Computer Engineering

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
CE101 Basic Electronics 3 None
CE201 Digital Systems 3 CE101
CE204 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language 3 CE201

Information System

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre Req.
IS101 Accounting Information System 3 ACT102
IS201 Management Information Systems 3 CS101
IS302 E-Commerce Technology 3 IS 201
IS304 Information System Security 3 IS 201
IS305 Info. Sys. Infrastructure Management 3 SE405
IS401 Decision Support Systems 3 IS 201
IS403 Business Process Reengineering 3 IS 201
IS404 Information System Audit & Control 3 SE405
IS405 Business Intelligence 3 SE301
IS409 Strategic Information System 3 IS 201
IS431 Forecasting & Demand Modeling Systems 3 ACT102